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Customers who purchase the Legacy Editions get exclusive services from Legacy Ministries Association to help create a continuum for you life and legacy.

Legacy Edition - Hardback

SKU: 237-0-0017-1401-4
  • After COVID, the face of the local church has changed and will no longer be the same. Some have thrived, but most have slowly begun a dissolving process, and pastors are resigning, retiring, and/or rethinking "church" at sober and strategic levels. In this work, HOW SHALL WE GATHER? How to Thrive in the Midst of Church Decline - An Exegetical Perspective, Pastor Temple seeks the most reliable source when all else fails, i.e., God's Holy Word. This work also includes a bonus Foreword from one of the world's premier prophetic preachers, Rev. Dr. Donald L. Parson, Derrick's mentor of preachers. This unique LEGACY EDITION includes bonus resources available to readers through connecting with Legacy Ministries Association, Inc., thereby, resourcing assistance to pastors, leaders, and churches in revitalization initiatives.

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