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More Than a Brand
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In the world of marketing, branding has its advantages. However, in the realm of the Kingdom of God, Church, and Ministry, branding can often become irrelevant to the thriving of a Christian organization or leadership. Branding has more to do with businesses that seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors and make that known to the public through ideas, storylines, phrases, etc. LMA is not in competition with businesses or other Christian minister associations. Because of our biblical model for ministry, we strongly discourage ministers and ministries from getting trapped into business models for ministry. In the Christian context, belief supersedes a brand. We as Christians are a faith community, and we live by faith, believing that it is only faith that pleases God (Hebrews 11:16).

It's About Who You Are
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In today's shifting values and beliefs, establishing a continual relevance that competes with the times is a futile effort. Thus, we accept the inevitable and encourage those who become members of our association to do the same. With the inevitabilities of life, a strong identity becomes the anchor that holds ministers and ministries together. At the core of each Christian, God has uniquely designed each of us with timeless traits. Identifying and operating within a God-given design that cannot be measured by tangible and temporal systems and societies is what we encourage those who join our association to do. We assist leaders and the laity within the Church of Jesus Christ in operating within their God-ordained uniqueness that produces a continually improving life and legacy that extends beyond their lifetime.

We See You
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For those who live, there are many ministers and mission-minded Christians who have much-needed gifts and ministry offerings that may not be recognized as relevant to our times. We seek to turn that misfortune into fortune beyond monetary gain. We embrace and facilitate the talents and giftedness of many who have become displaced or overlooked in Christian ministry. We help those who become members or seek the aid of our association reclaim the true essence and essentials of what it means to have a quality ministry. For those who understand the imminence of death, we seek to preserve the life and legacy of those who will soon be with the Lord. Thus, we cherish the elders of our faith who have paved the way for us in countless ways and seek to ensure the continuation of their legacies long after death.

Our Solutions - Spiritually  Strategic

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Churches constantly face the dangers of dissolving as a local body for many reasons. LMA customizes solutions for thriving in the midst of threats to local churches' sustainability. Even in their apparent life stages, it is vital to detect the dissolving of a local church long before the damage is done. We seek to provide emergency initiatives that stop the bleeding and begin the healing process by providing resources, relationships, and remedies that strive to catch churches dedicated to survival and revival before they dissolve. Factors such as demographics, cultural values, rapid shifting of social morals, church structure, aging leadership, leadership tiers, unseen forces, and financial decline, are just a few of the challenges we see as obstacles that can be turned into opportunities. As a Christian Non-Profit organization, we even guarantee biblical principles and pragmatics that are rarely recognized or interpreted within God's Holy Word, thereby, providing a scriptural basis for the promised revitalization of local churches when those biblical principles are properly adhered to and skillfully applied. We also help those who associate with us to set up systems of operation within the local church that guarantee continuous improvement and a continuum beyond the tenure of the present leadership and laity. Legacy Ministries Association compassionately understands this to be every sincere pastor's deep-felt desire.

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The Legacy Ministries Association of experienced pastors, preachers, and Christians from all walks of life believe that legacy is more than necessary, it is mandatory and a sobering challenge. Our association understands the possibility that legacies can be quickly forgotten.  Thus, we seek to preserve the legacies of those who earned them. We stand with those who want their ministries to last beyond their graves, not for personal aggrandizement, but for the continuance of their labors and the success of their predecessors. We understand the psychological and spiritual warfare that tests a minister's definition of relevance. We understand the loneliness and the feeling of being left behind as one whose relevance is lost. We serve those who are committed to realizing that retirement or rejection in one area only means reassignment in another. We help leaders/laity press on and seek new ways to recapture, revive, and reinvent, if necessary. Regardless of ministerial rank, we partner with those who are serious about service and succession. It's not over until God says it's over. God has work for many preachers and parishioners to do when they feel there's nothing else to do. Great men and women, young and old, are often forgotten now and later, but we are committed to partnering with God by ensuring that the works of those who labor follow them.

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Our solutions and strategies are largely based on a thorough examination of the perils that block progress in the life and ministry of a Christian leader. Problems are almost always solved or settled when the right questions are asked. We work with those who seek our aid to develop trust and transparent relationships in a caring way in which we figure it out together, with the help of the Lord. God promised us victory in many areas, most of which are unimaginable. Jesus promised that we will "reign" with Him. Yet, the pathway to true victory comes through suffering (II Timothy 2:12). If there is no cross, there will be no crown. We translate suffering into "hard work," and we encourage our members to be willing to put in the work and perform an intense self-examination of themselves, their organization, ministry, etc. Our association consists of experienced Christian leaders who have experienced the victories that many may struggle with achieving, and they understand the struggle. Members of our association are not simply "associates" in the generic sense of the term, but they are part of an association, where there are intimate and real relationships with a league of preachers, professionals, and practitioners who are available to assist. We seek to be an association in the truest sense, striving to help members enhance their quality of ministry and life, in this life and in the life to come when we see Jesus face to face. 



We pondered and prayed over what creates a legacy, and asked these questions, and more, "Does the Bible give us promises and principles to practice to have a lasting legacy?" "Is the concept of 'Legacy' even biblical?" "Are there methods for lasting ministries that extend beyond our graves?" "Why are great men and women of God forgotten?" "Why didn't the local churches in the New Testament last until today?" "Is longevity biblical?" "Are there common denominators when great men who are pastors help build great congregations, and when they are dead and gone, the life and/or mission of the congregation is often quickly forgotten or overturned?" "Why do most successions in ministry become depressions?" Questions such as these and more are questions we answer if they are within the parameter of God's plan for us to perceive. While we "see through a glass darkly," God has revealed common denominators that help build lasting lives and legacies. Among them is the fact that history is preserved through writing. God preserved His Word, the words and works of those who played roles in the narrative of biblical history, and His Will that He left unto us through writing. We know that as the Bible. With our publishing resources, we offer opportunities to put their life and works in print in a plethora of publication avenues. It is important to not let others define your legacy. 

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